Rakesh Rajdev Family (રાકેશ રાજદેવ પરિવાર)

Striving hard for the welfare of the society via relentless charity

Nothing will be more encouraging act like serving humanity, and this great family of the western India proved as it

rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) family
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Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) Family
Rakesh Rajdev is the owner of the Rajdev family, consisting of his mother, his wife and two kids. Philanthropy as a tremendous inherited character is penetrated in the whole family. Vimlaben Rajdev – the mother of Rakesh Rajdev, has nourished her progeny under the slang of kindness and encouraging courteous deeds for the welfare of humanity. His brooding kids also follow in his footsteps. More or less, they remain to indulge in giving charity and being a helping hand for poor and needy people as much as they can. That is an inspiring step taken by this family under the slogan of “nobody will sleep hungry”, and is highly appreciated at the national level up to a great extent.

Late Partaprai Rajdev – the father of Rakesh Rajdev is a gem of this family. He was a well-renowned philanthropist in the western Indian state, Gujarat.

He took the great initiative of social welfare and living for the sake of others. Later on, his children were fostered in the same manner. He led the whole of his life helping the poor deserving families of his society.

By dedicating his life full of service spirit, he died in 1996. In order to carry on this great mission, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev laid the foundation of a social welfare organization – Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

So that the true spirit to serve the humanity of Partaprai Rajdev remains alive forever.

Rupal Rajdev – the wife of Rakesh Rajdev, is a glaring member of this great family. She is a businesswoman and always stands beside her husband in social work. Being a working lady, she is the director of two high-profile companies in India. Along with her trading business, she is also pondering on the weaknesses of society. Just like her husband, Rupalben has also undertaken to help the downtrodden of society. She remains actively engaged in charity and welfare accomplishment along with her spouse. Owing to her noble activities, she is assumed as one of the most inspiring ladies of India.
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Being an emblem of generosity in India, Rajdev Family has undertaken for uplifting the downtrodden of the society via taking some great initiatives  

Roma Kristo Hotel

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev has been running a three-star hotel, namely Roma Kristo Hotel in Dwarka, India. That’s the top priority for residency and get-togethers for the elite class of the western Indians.

Various savory dishes are their own example here. And the bright side is that there is also keeping an eye on the white-collar men. So that they can also relish their heart by delicious meals and coping with starvation.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal

By inspiring his late father, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev has laid the foundation of a social welfare organization in Rajkot. It ensured so many needy people and individuals to cope with poverty. The deserving students belonging to poor families were provided with bags, lunch boxes, notebooks, and many other stationery items to resume their educational journey. Not only this, every weak aspect of the society is highlighted here and tries to provide aid as much as possible.

Relentless Charity

The time of the COVID-19 revelation was so hard to survive. But the Rajdev family has protruded as a north-star at that time. Mr. Rakesh Rajdev had proved as a helping hand for most of the suffering families by providing financial aid. Particularly, the labor community was provided with food packages and sanitizing materials. Hospitals and medical complexes were provided with beds, testing kits, sanitizers, and various other medical equipment. Thus, no sector is left un-aid.